Fears To Overcome When Starting A Business

Fears To Overcome When Starting A Business

What's the main difference between entrepreneurs who bring in profits and those who turn around and go back? 


These are the fears to overcome when starting a business. 


It doesn't matter how many time you tell yourself "I am ... great, successful, etc." Fears will show up. Fears show up regardless of the affirmations and visualizations... although I recommend doing those things still.

Fear shows up for everyone. 

What can set an entrepreneur apart is not if they have fears or they don't (because every entrepreneur has them!), it's how they overcome them!

Below is a list of the most common fears to overcome when starting a business and tips to get through them ... successfully. 

1. Not knowing where to start.

Entrepreneurs can have a million amazing ideas, or even just one amazing idea, but how do they turn any of those ideas into a business? Most don't know where to start. 

The easiest way to get past this fear is to find someone who has done what you want to do, or similar. Learn about that person, read about them, reach out to them to ask if there's a way they can help you. 

2. Not being an expert.

You may know enough about your product or service but since you're still new, you don't feel like an expert. 

This fear is very common but it's internal. The thing to remember is that everyone who starts, always starts somewhere. The experts weren't experts when they first started too and if they waited until they were an expert they never would have had any success. The same goes for you. 

But it's important in this area to keep integrity in yourself and your business that if you don't know something, don't pretend that you do. Be honest and go find the answers. Be committed to always learning. 

3. Not being believed in. 

I get it, you have a grand idea and you're determined to make it work by starting your own business, but the people closest to you (your family and closest friends... even your spouse) are saying things to make you doubt yourself and your business idea. You want their approval and support so desperately but they keep you small. 

It's not their fault they're doing it, they're actually doing it out out love. They want to see you safe so they are comfortable with where you are right now... even if you're not. 

The best way to get through this fear is to keep an open communication between you and those closest to you. Tell them your dreams, make them feel what you feel about it. If they don't, then graciously tell them that you would appreciate they don't say anything at all if it's not supportive. You have to start setting boundaries. 

4. Failing.

The fear of failing is strong in many people but most entrepreneurs I've run into have a fear of failing. This can be for many different reasons. Maybe it's because you fear failing your family because this business is a large time and financial investment. Maybe it's because you really want to be able to leave your "9-5" and you "NEED" this to work... or else you'll be stuck in the dead-end job. 

No matter what the underlying reason, the best way to get through this is to keep setting small, actionable goals. Steps that will keep you moving forward, little by little, to your big goal. Celebrating those little successes along the way will keep your motivation to keep moving forward. 

5. Success.

Yes, that's right. Some people are afraid of the success so they end up self-sabotaging and keeping themselves small in their business. This comes from an underlying fear of not being able to handle the success. Since they've not yet achieved the success or that level before, they don't know what to expect when they get there. Add that to not feeling like an expert and this fear starts to compound. 

The easiest way to get through this fear is just like above... set small, actionable steps or goals along the way. When you reach these, celebrate, then keep pressing forward toward your bigger vision. 

You Can Do This!

Just remember that fear is normal. 

Whatever you do... do not ignore them! If you do that, they'll creep back up and be bigger and worse off. It's best to acknowledge them and then work through them. Some will take you longer than others and that's ok. 

You can do it... 

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I believe in you!

Dare to Dream Big!

~ Cori