How To Create A New Opportunity People Want To Buy

How To Create A New Opportunity People Want To Buy

In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s important to create a new opportunity in order for you to create your movement, which will get you to where you can live life on your own terms.

A new opportunity is a vehicle that creates change. People don’t want to change, people don’t really even like change, but people also don’t want to stay stuck where they are. I’m going to show you how you can create a new opportunity that creates change people want to be a part of.

In this week’s episode of Dr. Cori TV, you’ll learn … 

... how you can create your own new opportunity that will drive massive change for your followers and for your bank account.

How To Create A New Opportunity People Want To Buy – Episode 011

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How To Create A New Opportunity People Want To Buy

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How To Create A New Opportunity People Want To Buy


If you want success in your business (and life) then understand one thing: The goal isn’t to fix what’s not working. The goal is to replace what’s not working with something better. 

If all you’re doing is fixing the problem, then you’re just offering up an improvement. 

Improvements are hard. They only last a short time, they have to compete with price all the time, and they are just a small band-aid until the replacement (or next improvement) comes along. 

A new opportunity, a replacement offer, is going to get your audience to change their lives … which will change your life. This is the goal of your new opportunity movement. 


People choose to change (or not) based on one sole thing, and it usually happens totally unconsciously. When they see a new opportunity, they immediately ask themselves “Will this increase or decrease my situation?” 

If they feel it will increase their situation then they act. 

What part of their position may be affected? It could be anything from intelligence, wealth, style, happiness, physical appearance, etc. 

If they feel your new opportunity will increase it for them then they will buy it. If they feel it would negatively affect their situation, then they will definitely not buy it. 

It happens everywhere. If you went to college, you chose to do so and you chose the specific school to raise your situation. What types of clothes do you wear? Where do you work out? Who do you hang out with? 

We have to decide if something will make us smarter, happier, healthier,or wealthier. When we feel it will raise our situation, we move forward with getting it. 

When we feel it will decrease our situation then we pull back out of fear and say things like “I will feel stupid.” or  “People will make fun of me.”

However, if your brain can rationalize the lower status as only something that will be temporary, if the future gains will raise your status, then you’ve got a chance to take action on the new opportunity. For example, if you spend $10,000 on coaching your situation is going to drop (temporarily) because that money is leaving you. But if you know that the coaching will increase your situation in the future, then that temporary drop in your situation is worth it in order to raise your overall situation. 


Ask yourself this: “What is the result you want for your people?” 

Got that?

Now, go on to ask yourself “What is the process you will take them on to get them that result?”

You can dive deep into the marketplace and do all kinds of research on all the offers and opportunities out there, but this has just shown to slow people down. 

Success loves speed so the best way to get started is simply … start. 

Start working for people for free. This will get you the experience you need and also help you work out the details on your new opportunity. If you help them achieve the result you wanted then it’s also a great place to get testimonials (social proof) to use in your sales pages. 

Instead of asking “How can I sell this (product/service)?” ask yourself “How can I serve people?” That is going to get you the results you want, and it’s also going to get your people the results they want. 


Now that you understand the psychology behind how people choose to buy a new offer, you have to know the formula for bringing them into your new opportunity.

Bring people into your new opportunity with a catchy headline. 

Here’s a perfect new opportunity headline formula: 

How To {result they want} Without {thing they fear}

Here are some examples: 

For my Freedom Boss Institute coaching program: 

How To Become The Expert People Want To Buy From Without Having A Niche

As a business coach: 

How To Create A 6-Figure Irresistible Offer Without Being Techy

When you’re creating your new opportunity, remember that people don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want. There are a lot of people creating opportunities and giving people exactly what they need, but the problem is that they don’t want it so they don’t buy it. 

These are a few steps to help you create a new opportunity that people actually want … and will buy. Grab the guide below for more ways to create your mass movement. 


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How To Create A New Opportunity People Want To Buy

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