How To Save Time Filtering Facebook Friend Requests

How To Save Time Filtering Facebook Friend Requests

How To Save Time Filtering Friend Requests

Are you growing your business online?
Are you working to leverage your social media platforms to generate you leads and sales?

You need this tool to help!

At first, I was like “why would I need that?”

Now, I’m like “I’ll never live without this!!!”

Time is your only resource you won’t get back. This tool makes more time FOR you.

All you have to do is go here to download it ….

Then set up your message(s).

Set the timer for when you want your messages to send out.

Turn it on and let it do its thing!

I have been connecting with some amazing people through this tool! We have awesome conversations. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Building relationships with your audience!

Try it out for free if you want, but if you’re like me and you are growing your business for that Freedom Boss Life … then get the unlimited!!

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Tired Of Getting Friend Requests From Fake Profiles, Spammers and Bots?
Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. We opened our Facebook account to find 500 friend requests…

Or we see friend requests from family members and automatically accept them only to find out it was a fake account and get hit with the dreaded “Hi there dear” private message instantly…

Well not anymore!!

Introducing the revolutionary new Chrome Extension, Friend or Foe. The Friend or Foe Chrome Extension will automatically send a message of your choice to anyone that sends you a friend request, allowing you to weed out all the fake profiles, spammers and bots and ensure that you are only talking to and accepting requests from people who actually want to be your “friends” while keeping all the “foes” at bay!!

You can also use that message to drive people to your offers, to join your Facebook groups, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or anything else you want, turning every friend request into a potential lead!!!

Let’s you up and running with it today!

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Here’s to your business growth with leveraging automation tools!