How To Stay Focused And Organized When Running Your Business

How To Stay Focused And Organized When Running Your Business

In this episode, you’ll learn how to stay focused and organized while running your business so you can meet those amazing goals you’ve set … even if you’re super busy with lots of life happenings!

Your business grows when you take action, but it isn’t just action that helps you reach your goals, it’s consistent action with revenue generating activities. 

In this week’s episode of Dr. Cori TV, you’ll learn …

... my favorite ways to stay focused and organized so you can make a bigger impact … and make more money in your business.

How To Stay Focused And Organized When Running Your Business – Episode 006

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How To Stay Focused And Organized When Running Your Business

With every Episode of Dr. Cori TV, I like to empower you with a free resource that you can implement right away and create fast results in your business.

This week, I put a great resource together to help you laser focus your action steps to get fast results in your business. 

It’s called The Guide To Organizing Your Business For Success

This guide will help you create your action plan, set your milestones, and stay organized along the way so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated in growing your business.

How To Stay Focused And Organized When Running Your Business - Discovering The Goal

The first step to getting any kind of focus or organization in your business is to know what the goal is. 

I’ve seen so many people skip over this step and just jump right into strategy or asking about the “how to” to get to their dreams … but they’re doing it all wrong. 

This step is the critical step if you want to feel less stress and overwhelm. 

Don’t skip this step!

Take the time to find some clarity on what it is you actually want to do and why you really want to do it. 

I go deep in detail on how to do this in my clarity intensive portion of the Freedom Boss Institute … that’s how critical this step is. 

Once you know what you’re actually trying to go after, then the path, or the “how to” starts to fall into place. You might not know exactly what to do first or second, but you’re at least on the path. 

That step alone will eliminate a ton of stress and overwhelm!

How To Stay Focused And Organized When Running Your Business - Setting The Plan

Now that you know what you’re going after, you can set out your action outline … I like to call this your treasure map. 

Start by just writing out an outline. This may not make sense at first because you don’t know how you’re getting from your point A (pain island) to point B (paradise island), but I promise you, once you start writing things down … more will come to you. 

You can choose to do this on your computer with a word processor or, I prefer, a notebook. 

There’s something truly transformative about taking pen to paper. Your brain thinks differently, it acts differently, and it starts flowing faster with ideas on how you can achieve this goal you want to reach.

Once you’ve got your messy outline either written out or typed out, next it’s time to build your plan. 

For this purpose, I like to use this 90-Day Action Planner

This action planner keeps me on target for quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. It really brings in the focus on the most important things I need to do each day, week, and month to reach those goals.

Goal achievement only happens with taking action. - Dr. Cori Campbell 

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How To Stay Focused And Organized When Running Your Business - Pulling It All Together

Whether you’re launching a new offer or staying on target following your daily method of operation (DMO), this is where you’re going to pull it all together. 

Leverage a project management tool, such as Asana or Trello to bring it all together for you. 

When you use one of these project management tools, you’re able to add documents, images, videos, etc. to your plan. 

Asana allows you to schedule tasks and the app will alert you when something is due. 

Both of these platforms keep you organized toward reaching your goals. 

The key is, though, don’t overthink it. 

I’ve had quite a few clients come to me saying the’ve spent months trying to set up their project management tool. This has just wasted time and delayed them ever taking action toward what they needed to take action on. 

Pick one, jump in and start organizing all your content, ideas, and action steps. 

Combine that with the 90-Day Action Planner, and you will be limitless on what you can achieve. 

Staying Focused and Organized – Wrap Up 

Finding a new habit you can incorporate into your daily routine to help you stay on target to your goal is essential for your success. 

Start imperfectly and launch imperfectly. You’ll reach those goals faster that way! 

If you want to learn how to break all this down and create your own essentially priceless Daily Method of Operation (DMO) that you can follow on rinse and repeat then download my guide to help. 

Download The Guide To Organizing Your Business For Success

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How To Stay Focused And Organized When Running Your Business

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