One Secret Hack To Increase Your Engagement on Facebook

One Secret Hack To Increase Your Engagement on Facebook

In this episode, you’ll learn my One Secret Hack To Increase Your Engagement on Facebook so you open up more opportunities to connect and grow your audience organically, without paying for ads!

You’ll learn how to do this secret hack yourself to increase your engagement on Facebook, and I’ll even show you my super duper secret hack on how you can automate this exact process.

In this week’s episode of Dr. Cori TV, you’ll learn … 

... my secret hack yourself to increase your engagement on Facebook.

One Secret Hack To Increase Your Engagement on Facebook – Episode 009 

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Secret Hacks To Increasing Engagement

With every Episode of Dr. Cori TV, I like to empower you with a free resource that you can implement right away and create fast results in your business....

This week, I put a great resource together to increase your engagement on social media.


This guide will help you create impact in your business by increasing your exposure across social media, even without paid ads.

Secret Hacks To Increasing Engagement


Okay, so here’s the deal … you want to grow your business, right? 

You want to do it online 

… maybe so you can have time freedom and work when you want to work, on your own schedule. 

… maybe so you can expand your business across states or countries and be able to help more people.

Whatever your reason is, you have to have engagement on your posts. 

What’s engagement?


But, you don’t just want more eyeballs. You want eyeballs from people who are actually reading your content, watching your videos, checking out your pictures … and you want these people to connect with them. 

So they engage.  


It’s a true story that all social media, especially when it comes to exposure, is a game.

Problem is, they’re not really letting you know what the rules of the game are. 

It’s kinda like showing up to a soccer field with a basketball in your hands. Where do you shoot the ball? How do you know if you’ve scored? How do you even play this game?

So many questions.

I’m going to give you one simple rule that you can follow that will shift the rules of the game in your favor.

“Do on social media as you want done for you.” - Dr. Cori Campbell

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What does that even mean?

If you want people to engage on your social media posts, then engage on theirs.

That’s of course not the end all, be all. For me to give you all the rules of playing the game of social media we’d spend about a whole semester together. 

If you’re wanting to go on a deep dive into social media for business growth then join in as our next Freedom Boss

If you want people to comment on your posts - then comment on theirs.

If people do spend their precious time commenting on your posts - then show them some serious respect and reply to their comments.


I’m going to show you how to do this on Facebook but this is also a great Secret Hack for increasing engagement on LinkedIn. 

Every single day you have friends on your Facebook who are celebrating. 

They’re celebrating their very own special day. 

It’s their birthday!

The cool is that Facebook lets you know it’s their birthday.

Increasing your engagement and reach on Facebook is easy just by leveraging this resource. 

All you have to do is go to Facebook, look over on the “Birthdays” section (this is located on the bottom right hand corner if you’re using desktop/laptop and the new version of Facebook that started summer 2020). Then just click on the person, write them a super cool post celebrating their birthday and post it to their newsfeed. 

If they don’t allow posting to their newsfeed (which some people turn off) then you can just send them a DM with your happy birthday message.

I’m going to add on here that this is NOT the time to pitch them on your product. It’s their birthday, their special day. Don’t be “that person” by trying to lead them into buying your product or service in your post. 

You can totally go through and do this manually every day and start boosting up your engagement. 

Or, if you’re like me, and you have lots of friends celebrating their birthdays every day … and you’re busy … and you sometimes forget to log into Facebook to check birthdays … 

Then, I’ve got a really cool option for you!

You can automate this whole process … both for Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can get this automation tool and start automatically sending out your happy birthday messages right away. 

Just download the tool here, connect your accounts, type up a few super cool happy birthday messages, turn on the tool, and let it run for you.

All while you work on something else in your business … or while you sit on the back porch drinking a nice cup of tea and listening to the windchimes blow in the wind. 

Do it manually, or grab this tool to do it for you, up to you … either way works to increase your engagement on Facebook.


That one secret hack to increasing your engagement on Facebook helps with so many different parts of playing the organic growth game on social media. 

If you want more engagement - give more engagement. 

Leverage this hack with manually, or with this automation tool, and start seeing your engagement increase.

Remember, it’s social media. Go out there and be social.

Don’t forget your free guide.

Download SECRET HACKS TO INCREASING ENGAGEMENT and use it to help you supercharge your engagement on social media. 

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Secret Hacks To Increasing Engagement

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Question Of The Week: 

  • How do you leverage the birthday notifications to stay connected and engaged with your audience?