Pursuing Peace: The Importance of Mindfulness

Pursuing Peace: The Importance of Mindfulness

Pursuing Peace: The Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness sounds simple, and, in theory, it is simple. But it’s difficult in practice. Being mindful means being present in your environment, being present in the moment, being present in what you’re doing, and being present with others in your environment. 

To some, this level of mindfulness comes naturally. To most, however, it’s challenging. I feel it’s most challenging because so many people are trying to multitask and they’re always thinking of what may happen next, or what they have to do next, or what they could be doing instead. 

Here are two best practices to improve your mindfulness.

  1. Practice Breathing

Most people aren’t taught how to breathe. I’ve worked in healthcare for over 20 years and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve had to teach how to breathe. 

So, why aren’t they learning it? Well, we’re born and the first thing the doctors do is make sure we’re breathing. After that, it just happens. 

Take a moment to sit still and just focus your mind’s attention on your breathing. Focus on your breath in, and then your breath out. Over and over. Feel your belly go in and out with your breath. It also may help you if you have a hand resting on your belly. 

Just sit there and breathe and focus your attention on your breath. 

Your mind will wander. That’s normal. When it does, just acknowledge it and then bring your attention back to your belly rising and falling with your breath. 

Essential oils really help to take your mindful breathing to the next level. I choose which essential oil to use in my breath practice depending on if I’m trying to calm my mind, focus my mind, or inspire my mind. 

Each essential oil has different properties and I leverage them to tap into my own subconscious mind.  This is my favorite package of essential oils because it includes the oils I use plus an amazing diffuser, which is so important for not only breath practice but also for meditation practice, which I’ll talk about next. 

  1. Practice Meditation

There are many methods of meditation that exist and they all have an end goal of reaching a peaceful and balanced state of mind. Whether you choose to practice meditation in silence, with an audio guide, with music, with the sounds of nature, or another way, the key is to put yourself in an environment where you can focus.

Focus on your breath or focus on the sounds you hear from your audio, music, or nature. Notice when your mind wanders and then bring it back to your focus point. 

They refer to meditation as a practice because it is. Practice it as often as you can and soon you’ll find you take less time to reach a peaceful awareness.

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Mindfulness is an individual journey, but there are several things that can help you. 

There are some amazing tools on this site that help!

Much Love and Gratitude,