The 6 Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income

Dr. Cori Campbell Life and Business Coach

If you’re looking for some of the best affiliate programs to promote for recurring income, then you’re in the right place!


Check this out for the 6 Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income.

Affiliate marketing is awesome … seriously, awesome!


One of the best parts of affiliate marketing is the ability to create recurring revenue, month after month. This means that you put in the work in the beginning to get your customer and then you continue to generate recurring revenue from that work.


As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to worry about some of the things that other business owners do … like customer support, fulfillment, overloaded or broken servers, or anything…


Not all affiliate programs are the same.


It’s important to choose based on a few factors.

1. Does the affiliate program solve a problem for your client base?

2. Does the affiliate program make sense with you personal brand or mission? For example, if you’re a hairdresser, it may make sense to partner with an affiliate program that offers hair care products. It would not make sense for you to be marketing pet care products to your market. Choose affiliate programs that make sense for you.

3. What is the recurring revenue you can make? Some programs offer a small 5-10% while others can get as high as 40-60%. Both are great options so learn to leverage them into your business strategy.


What Are Affiliate Recurring Commissions?

Simply put, an affiliate program that offers ongoing commissions from customers when they make future purchases is offering you recurring commissions. These are common for online courses, subscription sites, software subscriptions, and so on.

For example, if you join an affiliate program to promote a subscription site that costs $100 per month and they offer a 30% commission, then you’ll receive $30 per month for each customer you refer to the subscription as long as they continue to be a customer.

Promoting recurring affiliate programs is a great way to leverage your time because it allows you to focus on marketing a few products and your efforts can generate recurring income for you. On the other hand, focusing on products with one-time commissions means you will constantly have to be marketing to your audience to keep revenue coming in.

Growth with recurring affiliate programs typically starts out slow but ti will grow exponentially once it starts growing for you.


How Does Affiliate Recurring Income Grow Exponentially?

Well, let’s say you refer one person to a program that is generating you $30 per month in revenue. Then, next month, you refer one new person to the same program. This means your revenue for the second month is $60. If you continue to refer just one person a month to the same program, then, after a year, you would be making $360 per month.


Now, let’s say you referred two people per month, for a year, to the same program. That generates you $720 per month at the end of that year.


But you won’t just get one or two people each month. You’ll be learning and growing during that year and you’ll get better at sharing your content and you’ll be getting more visitors and followers.

So, by the sixth month you’re feeling more confident and you’ve referred four people.

By the twelfth month you’re adding eight people and generating $1,500 to $3,000 per month.


This is why affiliate marketing is appealing.

In just a few years, of consistently promoting affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions it can provide a lucrative income for many people.


If you’re ready to pick up some recurring commission affiliate programs for your business, here’s my list of recurring affiliate programs that help you grow your online income and help you create a multiple income stream business strategy.

These recommendations are in the market for entrepreneurs and new businesses because that’s my passion.


6 Best Affiliate Programs For Recurring Income


1. ClickFunnels

Product: Sales Funnels

Commission Rate: 30-40%. Plus, ClickFunnels’ affiliate program will also cover the payments on your dream car after you get 100 new ClickFunnels users.

Want to Qualify For the ClickFunnels Free Car Award?

  1. Sign up as a new ClickFunnels affiliate member.
  2. Refer 100 new active ClickFunnels users.
  3. Maintain 100 active ClickFunnels users and you will recevie $500 reimbursement per month for your car payment
  4. Refer 200 active ClickFunnels users and you will receive $1,000 reimbursement per month for your car payment

How Does It Work? ClickFunnels offers additional training and courses that your customers can purchase and you will not only receive commissions on those, but also on the sales funnel software.  This is easily the best recurring affiliate program in the universe. ClickFunnels uses cookies to work to the advantage of the affiliate marketer. They attach the cookies across multiple products, from books, courses, and high ticket coaching. An affiliate can refer a new customer to buy a book or a course and they can end up with a large commission when that referral decides to buy personal coaching in the future.

The core product for ClickFunnels is the funnel software program that ranges from $97-$297 per month.

ClickFunnels is also appealing because of the free training they provide. If you’re new to affiliate marketing this is especially important and it gives you everything you need. Check it out for yourself with their Affiliate Bootcamp program.

I help those who start with me with ClickFunnels to create their strategy to leverage all they have to offer to grow their business online using sales funnels and all the education available. You can even grab this DOTCOM Secrets book for FREE right Here

Free DOTCOM Secrets Book (just pay shipping)

2. Aweber

Product: Email Automation and CRM

Commission Rate: 30%

How Does It Work?

Aweber gets my best vote for recurring affiliate program for email automation. All you have to do to get started with Aweber is create an account. and then you’re ready to start referring others to the software and earn commissions.

There are a lot of autoresponders available. I choose to personally use and recommend Aweber because of their high rate of deliverability, which means the emails actually make it to the inbox! Their customer service is also amazing, they have many webinars for free training, and they even give you the material to start using right away for your marketing.


3. Teachable

Product: Online Courses

Commission Rate: 30%

How Does It Work?

Teachable allows business owners to create online courses.

Their affiliate program pays out 30% in commissions from sales that happen within 90-days of going through your referral link. As long as the referral remains a customer, you’ll receive a 30% commission every month.

Teachable offers their affiliates unique and already created funnels you can use to target market your audience, all you need to do is use your unique affiliate code and all their pre-made materials.

4. SocialOomph

Product: Social Media Scheduling

Commission Rate: 40%

How Does It Work?

SocialOomph allows for easy social media scheduling and monitoring for platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

Signing up for SocialOomph’s affiliate program is simple, just create an account. All you have to do is refer people to their site through your unique code. They can sign up for a free account or they can choose the professional account. Once they upgrade to the professional account, you will receive 40% recurring commissions.

5. A2 Hosting

Product: Web Hosting

Commission Rate: Variable

How Does It Work?

A2 Hosting is a web hosting service that offers a variety of products such as WordPress, WooCommerce hosting, and more.

If you know anyone who has a website or wants to start a website, they’ll need web hosting, That’s when you’ll have this solution to offer them.

A2 Hosting offers amazing customer service and this helps your referred customers stay, this means more recurring affiliate commissions for you.


6. BeLive

Product: Live Video Streaming

Commission Rate: 20%

How Does It Work?

BeLive is a streaming software that allows users to stream directly to Facebook and it allows the user to add members to the live stream, share their screen, and more. It also allows the user to use branded colors and add text directly to the screen, increasing the engagement during Facebook live streaming events.

BeLive pays a recurring commission of 20% to new customers their affiliates refer.


Wrap Up For The 6 Best Affiliate Programs For Recurring Income

I hope this post had some interesting recurring affiliate programs to get you started! More and more companies are starting to offer recurring commissions to attract and incentivize new affiliates to marketing their products.

Target programs that align with your purpose and the solution you’re helping to solve.

Always choose products that if you’re using them yourself in your own business that they can be products you earn for free or earn an additional stream of income from in the process. This is a great business strategy for those in network marketing and growing teams.

As always, if you want to learn how I’m generating income with affiliate marketing, join my free Facebook group here. It’s the perfect community for anyone wanting to learn how to create multiple streams of income.

I also have additional resources available here.

Dare to Dream BIG!

~ Cori