21 Tips For Improving Your Mental Health (2)

21 Tips For Improving Your Mental Health

Do you ever find yourself wondering how you’ll ever get all the work done?
Are you wondering where the time goes yet the to-do list seems to get longer and longer?

Does all that stress you out, make you feel overwhelmed, and keep you feeling STUCK?

It really sucks being stuck in the same ol’ routine of not really getting anywhere and feeling like you’re on this nightmare of a roller coaster. Maybe even going backwards the whole time

That’s why I created this list of 21 Tips For Improving Your Mental Health.

1. Mediate … I use this to help me.
2. Journal  … I use this one.
3. Get active
4. Get outside in nature
5. Do something creative
6. Call a friend and give them genuine compliment
7. Pay it forward
8. List 100 things you’re grateful for
9. Practice proper deep breathing
10. Use essential oils … I use these.
11. Surround yourself with empowering people
12. Eat nutrient dense foods
13. Get adequate sleep … This is what I use to help.
14. Take whole food, bioavailable, supplements … I take these.
15. Make an uplifting playlist of feel-good songs
16. Repeat positive affirmations … These are my favorites.
17. Read inspiring books … This is one of my favorites.
18. Improve your posture … This helps.
19. Talk to yourself kindly
20. Drink lots of water … This goes with me everywhere.
21. Create a daily method of operation (a DMO)

There are three Pillars of Wellness. These will help you get solid on two so then you can focus in the third…. you get a Freedom Boss Lifestyle when you have all three Pillars of Wellness solid.

You don’t have to do them ALL… start with what resonates with you. Which one of these will you do today?

Then, ask yourself … which one do you want to start but maybe need some help or support with getting it going so it can be your new routine?

Cheering you on for your Freedom Boss Life!

– Cori 

P.S. I’ll be teaching more on creating a DMO in the next month over in my Facebook group. If you’re not in it yet, request to join here.

P.S.S. Just recently updated my resource list with even better goodies. I’m always checking on the best tools to help YOU grow. Get them all here