What Is A Funnel?

What is a funnel?

If you've spent any time learning even just a little about marketing for your business, you've probably heard of funnels. If you're curious about what they are and how they can help you, then this post is for you.


What Are Funnels?

If you have a business, then you have some sort of web presence. Typically, entrepreneurs start with a website. 

When someone comes to your website, you want to them take some kind of action.

Maybe you want them to buy something, or sign up, or fill out a form. 

When someone does what you want them to do, it's ultimately called a conversion. 

Funnels are essentially the steps someone goes through before they can convert. 

Here's an example of a simple funnel with the steps: 

  • They go to the website
  • They view the product
  • They add the product to the shopping cart
  • They purchase the product

Why Are They Called Funnels?

This series of steps is called a funnel because a lot of people will take the first step but not everyone will take all the steps, so it's kinda like funneling out those who will take the step you want them to take on your page.

So, let's look at our example from above:

  • Most will go to the website
  • Some will view the product
  • Few will add the product to the shopping cart
  • Select few will purchase the product

Only the most interested buyers will move further down your funnel. Your audience has filtered themselves out to those who want to convert now. 

You don't have to have every funnel lead to a purchase. You may want them to sign up for your newsletter, or check out a new program that you're thinking about pre-launching. 

Figure out what your goals are when people visit your site and you can create a funnel around it. 

Why Are Funnels Beneficial?

With a funnel, you can see where people are dropping off. You can change your message to work to increase conversions. 

For our example above, if you have a lot of people visiting your site but no one viewing your product, you can go back to that page and work on adjusting the marketing copy (which is the story you're sharing on the page). Then you'll be able to see if more people move to the next step in your funnel.

Funnels are also beneficial because they allow you take your customers on a step by step journey that makes sense. Each next step in your funnel should be the next logical step in the process to get them closer to the end goal, the conversion. 

Why Should You Use A Funnel Software?

A funnel software system will eliminate wasted time working to set up all the steps. This is so important, especially if you're not super techy. Using a funnel software system allows me to cut hours out of my work and get my funnel launched faster, which means more conversions happen faster. 

I use the ClickFunnels software system because it is so easy to use. Once I know what my end goal is for my audience I can look through their library of template and just plug and play my content into the template and launch it within just a couple of hours.... what used to take me weeks!

If I want to get creative and crazy I can even create my own funnel from scratch and still have that launched in less than 2 days.... 

... And I come from a healthcare background, definitely not a tech background!

Why All Businesses Need Funnels

Every single business needs to have funnels in place because it's a way to connect with your audience better and serve them to the most. 

Plus, as soon as I added funnels into my business, my sales more than doubled.


Because I was taking them on a logical, step by step, journey to the end goal. 

Funnels made it possible for my audience to see the benefit of what they were getting, because it made sense. It made sense because the funnel made it make sense for them. 

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