Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing

Why would anyone want to join a network marketing company? Is it really just a scam?

For everyone it’s different. People can see a light, a desire, a goal and then it makes them want to make a change. That’s kind of like how it was for me. I was working for a company at a high level job that I spent years climibing the ladder to get to. I had a corner office, two windows, the whole sha-bang!

… but, there is of course a “but”

I was working 50-60+ hours a week, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I loved what I did. I started to hate it. The company was having my boss ask me to do things that I didn’t agree with, they were asking me to have my employees do things I didn’t agree with.

I was questioning everything about my own morals and values.

I wanted something bigger for me, something better.

I wanted to have my own business.

My friends started judging me, telling me “I had it made” with my job and all the money I was making. I was told I was crazy because I was a professional and my business idea was “beneath me” or “I was better than that.”

Seriously, people told me crap like that!

I knew I wanted more control over my future, I wanted time freedom to do all the things I wanted to do, but I didn’t feel I was good enough to make any of it work.

Am I good enough?

Can I do this?

Is this the right thing?

Soooooo many questions … limiting belief questions!

I hit this wall where I was tired of feeling so stuck but I didn’t know how I would get over the huge learning curve to have my own business, or even how I would afford it!

I found this amazing opportunity that would allow me to start a business with a tiny investment, they would teach me what to do, they gave me a community of support, they handled everything…. Everything! I didn’t have to pay for employees, I didn’t have to pay to buy the business, or buy a building… nothing!

This was the lowest investment and lowest risk way for me to start my business and learn how to be an entrepreneur!

I figured out what I needed to pay and then I figured out where I would find the time with my crazy busy schedule to make it happen. I saw this as a way for me to be able to transform my life, to have the time freedom to do those things I’ve always wanted to do.

I got to a point where I couldn’t work full time and run my business how I wanted to. My bills were too high to not have guaranteed income coming in. I felt stuck.

So, I wrote out my plan. My biggest expense was my pile of student loans so I created a budget to pay that off and told myself that once it was paid off I would plan my escape from the job that was draining me so much.

I did it!!

I really, really, did it! I paid off those outrageous student loans and then I quit my full time job. I gave them over 30 days notice but they chose to walk me out the door the next day instead, setting me free.

I was able to go from working part time in my business to a full time business owner. I was able to learn and create systems to help my business. This way I can help everyone who joins me to have the results that took me so long to achieve as soon as possible by pushing them ahead of the learning curve that I had.

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