Why Your Why Is So Important

Why Your Why Is So Important

In this episode, you’ll learn how this one outlook shift will bring you more joy, focus, and income into your life so you can live the life you’ve always dreamt about.

You may have heard someone talk about finding your why but maybe you don’t know what that means, or how to do it, or even why it would be so important to you. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about in this episode.

My name is Dr. Cori Campbell and I’m a business and lifestyle coach teaching entrepreneurs how to create a Freedom Boss lifestyle with a proven foundational business and lifestyle framework. 

In this week’s episode of Dr. Cori TV, you’ll learn … 

... how this one outlook shift will bring you more joy, focus, and income into your life so you can live the life you’ve always dreamt about.

Why Your Why Is So Important– Episode 008

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Why Your Why Is So Important– Episode 008

With every Episode of Dr. Cori TV, I like to empower you with a free resource that you can implement right away and create fast results in your business....

This week, I put a great resource together to help you truly discover your purpose and how to turn that into a profitable mission. 


This guide will help you find clarity around what your why is and how to leverage it to create a life of freedom. 


What Is The Why 

Before we even dive into discovering what your why is, we have to define what it means. 

The Why is the reason you make every single decision during the day, whether you’re making conscious or unconscious decisions. Your why is ingrained in your DNA, it’s part of YOU. 

When you know your why, your reason for making all those choices, you can leverage that power to grow and create the life of your dreams. 

When you don’t know your why, you’ll end up aimlessly moving throughout your day not really clear on what direction you could or should be going and that’ll keep you from actually achieving any of your dreams. 

This is the foundation of why your WHY is so important. 

So, now that you understand what the why is - the driving force behind every decision you make - let’s get into how you can discover what your why is!

Discovering Your Why 

Most people are doing this wrong so I’m going to show you a better way of discovering your true why. 

I say “true why” because what most people are doing wrong is only scratching the surface, which doesn’t get to the core values, the core movement of their true why.

These people are stopping at just finding a superficial why because it’s kind of scary to really get into the True Why territory. 

On the path to discovering your why you will most likely encounter some tough feelings. These things may make you scared or anxious or overwhelmed and that may stop you from moving forward.

This is exactly where so many people stop on this journey to discover their why. They stop on the top layer. 

You’re going to have to go deeper. 

Waaaaaay deep!

You have to go deep because that’s where the demons sleep. - Dr. Cori Campbell

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When you go deep, you wake up demons that you may or may not have known you even had. When you wake them up with this journey quest to discovering your why then you can win those battles before they become an issue. 

If you try to close that door on that demon cave once again it’ll come up stronger at another time, which will stop your progress in its tracks!

This is why most people don’t go on this journey to discover their true why. They end up seeing these demons and running and hiding, hoping they’ll go away. 

But they never go away. Not unless you face them. 

There’s a simple way to face these deep soul dwelling demons and that’s to call them out and tell them to take a hike. 

I was following the advice of one of my coaches many years ago. My coach asked me why I wanted to start my own coaching business. My response? “Because I want to help people” 

Looking back on it now, I know how much horse scheesh that actually is but at the time I thought it was an amazing answer to the question and I was so proud of myself. 

My coach, and what would turn into a couple of coaches and a bunch of books, took me on a quest of discovery that was the most intense, scary, exhilarating, and worthwhile experiences in my life. 

There was one time I got so scared by what came up that I hid in my room with the door locked and the lights out. Just sitting there on my bed, clutching my knees to my chest, and rocking back and forth. 

I was paralyzed. I was so scared to keep going.

To make it all worse I was getting more and more afraid that I would never be able to help people, I would never be able to live the life that I’ve always been dreaming of, I would never have freedom. 

It was in that moment, my near breaking moment, that something came to me. 

I’m sitting there in the middle of my bed in my dark room, holding my legs to my chest. I close my eyes and I visualize a spotlight. I moved that spotlight to face out away from me and I said, to myself, “I see you and you’re not welcome here anymore. I am bigger than you and won’t allow you to keep holding me down and keeping me small anymore.” 

Then, POOF, I felt better. I got up and went back to doing my discovery work. Now, here I am today sharing this vulnerable story because that was a tipping point for me and I know you need one too. 

I’m going to show you how to get there and how to get through it. 

You see, most people come up against that fear monster and then stop. This keeps them in their comfort zones. It stops them from ever discovering their true why. 

So, when you do this work and you come up against those demons, use that tactic I shared in my story to help you through. 

It’s not easy but that simple exercise will help you through. 

Why Do You Want To Know Your Why 

Going through that discovery process is hard. So, why would you want to go through all that trouble?

Ask yourself this … do you want something different in your life? 

If the answer is yes - any level of yes - then your why will take you there.

When you set a goal and don’t have a super strong reason why you want to really achieve it, then you’ll allow yourself to stop doing the work to get there. 

A great example of this are people who set new year’s resolutions. So, they set a goal on January 1st. They get to work on doing the necessary action steps to get there because they’re excited about it. Then, after a few days, their motivation drops, life happens, something gets in the way, their schedule changes, their kid gets sick … the list goes on and on. Come February 1st, some of them won’t even remember what the goal was in the first place.

That all happens because they don’t know their true why. They’re not connected to it. 

If you want to set a goal on January 1st for anything at all - lose weight, get fit, get stronger, make more money in your business, play the guitar, learn a new language, literally anything at all - you need to tie that into a WHY. 

Otherwise you lose momentum and you’ll never accomplish it!

I set a goal one day that I wanted to run a marathon. A marathon is 26.2 miles. I thought “I ran cross country in high school and I’ve run a couple of 5K races, I can do a marathon!” The first day I go out and get a new pair of shoes, some new clothes, and I download a marathon training calendar. 

I go for a run on the second day and felt great. Third day, awesome! Fourth day, I run and I’m feeling sluggish and I have to push myself just to finish, plus I did a lot of walking and less running. Fifth day, I got stuck at work longer than I planned so I got home late and starving, there was no way I could go running. Sixth day, I was tired so I pushed it off to the next day. And so that cycle repeated itself and I ended up cancelling my marathon entry. 

What was the problem? Could I run it, sure. Was I capable, sure. Did I have the resources, sure. 

What I did not have was a reason strong enough as to why I should put my body through the torture of running 26.2 miles. 

So I changed that.

I set a renewed goal of completing a marathon. This time, I wrote down a list of reasons why I wanted to complete one and why I wanted to complete the exact one I had chosen to run. 

When training got hard, I read through that list and was rejuvenated. 

When I might get stuck at work, I planned ahead and kept healthy snacks at work and in my car.

When I was feeling tired and sore, I made sure I had what I needed in place to make my muscles feel better and I was getting enough sleep. 

When I had a big meeting, I would run in the morning to get it done first. 

When my friends went out drinking, I went to bed early so I could up for those long weekend runs. 

What was different this time was that I knew WHY I wanted to complete that race and nothing at all was going to be in my way to make that happen.

That’s what happens when you know WHY you want to do something. 

Setting goals is great, but setting goals and then attaching a huge, solid WHY behind why you want to achieve that goal - that is what will make you Limitless!

Why Your Why Is So Important - WRAP-UP 

You’ve got a clear understanding of why your why is so important by now and you can use this for anything in your life, your business, your relationships. It applies to everything. 

Apply it and then reep your own benefits. 

Download THE GUIDE TO DISCOVERING YOUR WHY and use it to help you discover your why and create the life you’ve always dreamt about. 

Download The Guide To Discovering Your Why

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Why Your Why Is So Important– Episode 008

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